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rainWhat happens if it rains?

Most of the time here in Los Cabos it rains very little  and does not interfere with our cruises.   If we have to cancel due to weather we will call you at the number you gave us when you made your reservation.  You will be given the option to move or cancel your reservations. If you are concerned and haven’t been contacted please feel free to call 624105.0177.  It is possible for the weather to be bad where you are yet still nice at our location.

Stroller Can we bring strollers aboard the ship?

We do allow strollers aboard ship.  You are welcome to bring a stroller on board.

wheelchairiconAre wheelchairs allowed aboard ship?

Absolutely!  We have many guests who come aboard and enjoy our cruise while in a wheelchair.  We will make every effort to include children and adults in our activities who are confined to a wheelchair.  We will help in any way that we can to get the chair aboard the boat.  Please be advised that our restrooms are not easily accessible to someone in a wheelchair.  There are stairs leading to the lower deck to the restrooms.

 Wboneshere do I sit?

Crew members will inform you that there will be plenty of seats available .   You are more than welcome to stand along the rail and enjoy the beautiful scenery or move about the ship while we are underway.

bath02Are there restrooms on the ship?

Yes, we have both men’s and women’s restrooms aboard the ship.  They are located down the stairs located in the galley and then forward.  We pride ourselves on keeping our restrooms clean and in perfect working order.  Please notify any crewmember or the Captain if you discover any problems with our restrooms.  We will make every effort to fix the situation right away!

Smoke  Can we smoke during the cruise?

Yes, you are allowed to smoke at the bar section of the top deck.  The Captain has ashtrays for your use.  Please do not throw your butts into the ocean or extinguish them on the deck.  We ask that you be considerate of non smokers and the children while you’re smoking.  Be aware of the wind and try to position yourself so that the smoke blows away from those around you.

SkullWill I get seasick?

We hope not!  The Captain will make every effort to stay in calm water.  There may be a few minutes when we are at the mouth of the pass looking for whales or cruising  when the boat will rock a little.  It won’t last for long! If you’re worried, make sure to take your motion sickness medicine early enough to do some good (read directions).  If you or anyone in your group starts to feel bad make sure to stay out on the main deck and in the wind.  Going down to the restrooms will make things worse!  Make the Captain or one of the crew aware and we will try and help.

How far offshore do you go?
We stay within a half of a mile from shore.  There is simply more to see when you’re close to the shore.

Will we see marine life?
The Captain will work very hard to find whales(in season), or marine life .  We want you to see Whales!  The dolphins, whales, and all marine life are wild so we cannot guarantee that you will see them but most of the time we do!

Is there anything to eat or drink on the boat?
We have beer, *wine (*premium bar fee applies), margaritas, rum punch, bottled water and soda to drink.  We have BBQ ribs, mashed potatoes, corn on the Cobb and-fresh bread rolls to eat.

Do you do anything special for birthdays?

If you’ll write a small note for the Captain with your child’s name and age and give it to him when you’re boarding the ship, he will call out your child’s name when we are celebrating birthdays near the end of the cruise.

ticketWill I need a ticket for my infant?

Even though we don’t charge for infants (under 12 months old) the Mexican port Captain Coast Guard requires them to have a ticket as part of our passenger count.  When you’re making reservations please make sure to tell us you have an infant(s) in your group.

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